Alien Game by Martin Lopez

Interaction Design: Web II course – phaser.js 8-bit game creation created in 

PIZZA game

Pizza Game by Rabia Tayyabi 

Interaction Design: Web I course – Phaser.js 8 bit games 

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 8.30.56 AM

Art + Tech Course – p5.js data modulation project 

Art + Tech course – Makey Makey Taco Piano

Art + Tech course – Microcontroller Musical Instrument with digitally printed and digitally fabricated with a plotter/cutter

Art + Tech course – zoetrope project 

Web I course –  Web App Project

Art + Tech Course – Processing section finals from 

Web I – Way Back website project. Students create a “vintage” website based off history of the internet and brutalist design research 

Web I – Interactive Web App Project 

Web I – Interactive Web App Project 

Web I Course – CSS shape explorations


Form and Motion Course – Rotoscoped Self Portrait