Artist Statement 

KT Duffy creates carnal and colorful transmedia mashups that protrude outside of easy definition and circle cheekily around deep issues of humanity. Duffy’s interest in emerging technologies and their relationship to the evolution of the human animal is what drives their practice. The visual elements in their work reference a broad spectrum of elements from the living environment as a metaphor for the human body and its fluidity.

Working in the space between the digital and the physical, Duffy conjures entities into existence via code-based processes and digital fabrication. These entities fuse the aesthetics of digital devices with organic and semi-organic forms, using natural elements as metaphor for the human body and it’s fluidity. Drawing from an expansive and obsessively created “library” of code snippets and cad/cam forms, Duffy creates pieces that evolve and inherit attributes from each other. These entities can stand as singular organisms or be displayed as part of a larger gaggle.

Duffy’s social practice strives to demystify coding and technology for creatives, with a focus on creatives underrepresented in tech-based or STEAM careers. Duffy strongly believes in the medium’s capacity for negotiating power, promotion of alternative narratives, and identity construction. Their focus is on cultivating spaces for accessible conversations where knowledge can be shared outside of a hierarchical structure.


KT Duffy (b. 1987) is a new media artist and educator from Chicago, IL. Their mission in life is to demystify coding and technology for creatives, with a focus on those underrepresented in STEAM fields. They received their MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014. Their work has most recently been shown in a two-person exhibition at the South Bend Museum of Art, a solo exhibition corresponding with their residency as PIXELFACE (collaboration with Ali Seradge) at LoRez Brewery in Chicago, and a solo show at Terrault Gallery in Baltimore, MD. They are currently an Assistant Professor of Art and Technology at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL.


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