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There are many ways to stand in solidarity with movements demanding an end to police brutality and working towards abolition.

One small way is to make a donation (or set up a recurring donation!!) with orgs that support emerging Black Artists, Thinkers, and Change-Makers


By Us For Us

Spicey Zine

Black Trans Femmes In the Arts

Assanta’s Daughters

Brave Space Alliance

Black Lives Matter Chicago

The Black School

Movement For Black Lives

#FreeBlackMamas National Bailout

Black Visions Collective

Black Women’s Blueprint

Contribute to bail funds for protestors

for my fellow White folx

Ways to Be in Action Against Anti-Black Racism + Anti-Racism Resources for White People

Show Up, Your Guide to Bystander Intervention


My show at Coop Gallery! March 2021! Inkjet Prints on PhotoTek, PLA, Tablet, USB cables. More images coming soon!

Evidence of Our Own Primitive Nature

Acrylic, custom PLA hardware, vinyl, plywood, cables, monitors, looped video animations, custom software, LEDS, 2019

Jurassic Warp

Browser Based Multilevel VR Work built with AFrame

Obscene and Uncontained

VR Experience for Headset and Browser

Organelle Sob

Video and audio made with Signal Culture Apps


Not the Planet Not Spinning, The Ways We Record the Universe, Untitled, QT, Anomiea, Topali

Lilliths Brood

Tablets, looped animations, custom code, plotters drawings, found hardware, vinyl, Dimensions Variable


for loops, automated plotter drawings, and other mashups

And I Can’t Say That I’ll Miss My Human Form

2017-2018, Foam, laser cut acrylic & plywood, tablets, USB cables, LED monitors, media players, custom software, vinyl, Dimensions Variable

Some Older Works that I still like

plz enjoy