Oblivion Series

Created in Unity, VR Experience for Headset and Browser

Oblivion (chapter one)

Oblivion (chapter two)

Generative Plotter Drawings Summer ’22

p5.js, x+y plotter, Stonehenge papers, Jelly Roll pens, metallic markers

The Idol

My MiniGolf hole contribution to Par Excellence Redux at the Elmhurst Art Museum

For this work I took inspiration from some of the mini golf courses I frequented as a child, which were often structured around large sculptures depicting cultural icons, like a dancing hotdog. The icon I would like to pay homage to via Mini Golf is the Sheela na gig, which is an early stone-carved “meme” from the 12th century which can be found all over Ireland, usually above a doorway or an entrance. Depending on who you ask, the Sheela na gig, also referred to here as “the idol” is the remnant of a pagan goddess, a fertility figure, a warning against feminine lust, protection against evil, or a reinterpreted as an empowering feminine gargoyle. My project, “The Idol” is intended to me all these things. However, my idol is no longer a vestige of an unknown past or origin. They are a queer feminist futurist idol of the mini golf universe, rendered in neon patterns and slick acrylic surfaces.

i want to watch you watch it burn

Solo show at Galleri Urbane in September 21

“i want to watch you watch it burn” is named after a line in “The Melting of the Sun” by St.Vincent, off her new album Daddy’s Home, which I listened to nonstop in the final sprint for this show. “The Melting of the sun” refers to the perceived permanence of the sun, which is a symbol of institutional power, normative notions of personhood and sentience.

This installation, as well as the individual entities living within, manifests just after the moment of all-encompassing collapse, where all power structures and those trying to survive under the cis-het-ableist-white supremacist/human supremacist norms are smashed into a chaotic ball of destruction, chaos, and beauty to spawn something new and never before seen from the detritus of the collapse. Nothing living in that collapse will become the outcome, but we must trust that we did the work to make this undoing of everything come to fruition.

The title is both a statement of love and solidarity to those I love and whom I work with to envision this new plane, and it is also a callout and an accountability statement to those who traded their humanity for power, which inevitably brought about this “The Melting of the Sun”.


My show at Coop Gallery! March 2021! Inkjet Prints on PhotoTek, PLA, Tablet, USB cables.

Evidence of Our Own Primitive Nature

Acrylic, custom PLA hardware, vinyl, plywood, cables, monitors, looped video animations, custom software, LEDS, 2019

Jurassic Warp

Browser Based Multilevel VR Work built with AFrame

Obscene and Uncontained

VR Experience for Headset and Browser

Organelle Sob

Video and audio made with Signal Culture Apps



Not the Planet Not Spinning, The Ways We Record the Universe, Untitled, QT, Anomiea, Topali

Lilliths Brood

Tablets, looped animations, custom code, plotters drawings, found hardware, vinyl, Dimensions Variable


for loops, automated plotter drawings, and other mashups

And I Can’t Say That I’ll Miss My Human Form

2017-2018, Foam, laser cut acrylic & plywood, tablets, USB cables, LED monitors, media players, custom software, vinyl, Dimensions Variable

Some Older Works that I still like

plz enjoy