Hi I’m KT Duffy. I’m an artist, designer, developer, organizer, writer, curator, educator type person.

I’m currently an assistant Professor at Northeastern Illinois University, I run a Gallery Called Langer Over Dickie, and I’m lucky to be involved in many other rad projects here and there.

I’m looking forward to some upcoming 2021 solo presentations at Coop Gallery and Galleri Urbane.

I have a two dogs, FelFel and Frank. I’m living in between Chicago and Oklahoma City at the moment, with my Partner Ali.

Trans-Gender Nonconforming. They/their/theirs. Cute and cuddly.

If you enjoyed your experience on my website plz consider making a donation to Black Girls Code. Email me a screenshot of your donation and I’ll match it ~ ktduffyinc@gmail.com

Here is what I look like as of Feb 2021. Thx for coming to my website.